Paging Intercom(Industrial Paging Intercom)

Paging Intercom(Industrial Paging Intercom) DT00

Digital Intercom System
Digital Intercom System Digital Intercom System


System uses two-wire non-shielded cable, each core diameter not less than 1.5mm ^ 2, easy and convenient netting.

Using advanced OFDM jamming technology, electromagnetic compatibility and anti-jamming capability.

PCM digital processing technology, using lossless data compression, and no sound quality loss, clear coax bright, maintaining original characteristics of the sound quality.

Any phone can broadcast calls for the entire region, while supporting three-way calling / broadcasting, fast and convenient, multipurpose of one station.

The driver's room broadcast call and alarm output priority control.

Supports point-to-point, cascade, distributed network connection.

Products description and application

General Specifications


Product name

Digital Intercom System

Product model


Communication distance

Set the system power as circle centre, the MAX semi diameter is 400m

System netting numbers

Standard for 8 stations MAX:20 stations

Running mode

Long-term without stop


Operating voltage


Main Power


Backup power


Power supply

Central power supply from power supply box


Operating temperature

-30˚C ~ +70˚C


10% ~ 95% (no coagulation)

Material /Weight

DT001	ABS 1.8kg
DT002	PC/ABS	    3.8kg
DT003 	Cold rolled steel/ powder coating	3.5kg
DT004 	Cold rolled steel/ powder coating	3.8kg

Protection grade

IP65 (outdoor phone DT002)

Product Application Pictures

Digital Intercom System

Digital Intercom System

Digital Intercom System

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